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Dairy Belle ice cream - A family story

In 1998, Gilles and Ritane Grenier originally from Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, noticed a little abandoned commercial building on the side of US1 in Dania Beach. They saw the potential that this little place could have to open a fast food / Ice Cream shop like many are found in Quebec, called “Cabane à Patates”. So in December of 1998, Dairy Belle Ice Cream opened with only 2 pick nick tables, a wooded deck with no roof, and … wait for this…. a Crock Pot as a gravy warmer! That's how the Dairy Belle history started.

The mission was and still is to offer great tasting food, cook to order, and serve French Canadian specialties like toasted hot dogs, hot chickens, and of course POUTINE! Oh and let’s not forget the creamiest and most delicious REAL soft ice cream ever!

Today, Dairy Belle is a landmark in the community. In May of 2020, Dairy Belle moved to a much bigger location to accommodate the demand. No longer “une cabane a patates” (French Fries Shack), we now have over 3500 sqft with dedicated lines for food order, ice cream order and pick up orders. We now have the space to offer 24 flavors of hard ice cream/yogurt in addition to our famous and creamiest soft REAL ice cream! Oh and we got beer and wine too now! Oui Oui Mon Cheri!

In the peak of our season, we serve over 700 people a day, use over 22 gallons of brown gravy a day and buy over 11,000 pounds of Wisconsin curd cheese a year for our famous POUTINE. Our caramel sauce for sundaes is still homemade, and so is our loved Italian spaghetti meat sauce, just like the first day we open.

If you have not discovered Dairy Belle yet, we invite you to come and taste the difference, and you will see why people keep coming back to wait patiently in line to get a little taste of heaven, that taste just like “home”.

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